10 February, 2023: Brazilian Biodiversity as a source of new drugs: Private sector perspective

Brazil is considered one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots, containing a high percentage of unique living organisms. During evolution, the struggle for life in the different biotopes of Brazil has led living organisms to produce an incredible chemical diversity. This unique chemical collection, combined with traditional use, has already led in the past to great discoveries that have revolutionized medicine. Unfortunately, Brazil’s biodiversity is in danger. With the advent of soybean cultivation and intensive livestock farming, the pressure on the ecosystems of the Cerrado and Amazon basin has reached alarming levels. The forest and savannah are disappearing at an unprecedented rate. In this context, it is crucial to demonstrate that Brazil’s biodiversity, when used sustainably, can promote health, economic growth and social inclusion. In this e-seminar, we will have the opportunity to hear from key researchers from three institutions that are actively working on the development of plant-based medicines from Brazilian biodiversity.


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