Cornelia Kern

New GA Homepage – a fresh start to a new functionality

A fresher look and newest functionality – that´s what the re-launched homepage of GA offers. Already now, appealing news items ease the use, and a more user-friendly membership application and payment form makes the start at GA smooth for new members.
In a second step, in a few weeks of time, a member´s net with offer exclusive information only available for GA members, as well as self service functions for members, to make membership at GA even more attractive.

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Networking has a new name – GA@net

Networking is more important than ever – especially in the field of medicinal plant and natural product research. Therefore, GA offers a new platform with expertise from and for our members.
At the new GA hompage, you can enter your contact data, interests and capabilities already now. Search functions will be available in a second step, with the new GA member´s net opening in a few weeks of time.

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GA has scheduled three Awards for 2021
Egon Stahl Award in Silver: a Silver medal and an award of 3,000 € to scientists up to the age of about forty, who have published outstanding scientific work during the years following their graduation
Bionorica Phytoneering Award: an award of 10,0000 € to young scientists (normally younger than 45) for outstanding research in the field of development and application of phytopharmaceutical products
Dr. Willmar Schwabe Scholarship
A scholarship of 10,0000 € with the aim to support research of young scientists, especially from developing countries in leading research institutions.

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Drug Discovery

Nature Reviews Highlight the Importance of Natural Products in Drug Discovery

Advances and opportunities of natural products research for the development of new therapeutics was just highlighted with a publication in the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, of course, a widely read and influential journal. This publication was prepared with the participation of multiple GA members (including the current GA President Prof. Dr. Judith M. Rollinger and Vice-President Prof. Michael Heinrich) and under the leadership of the natural product-focused open innovation platform International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce (INPST) coordinated by Dr. Atanas G. Atanasov (first author of the publication).

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