69th International Congress and
Annual Meeting of the
Society for Medicinal Plant and
Natural Product Research (GA)

September 5 – 8, 2021

Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Werner Knöss (Congress President)
  • Friederike Hanswille
  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele König
  • PD Dr. Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich
  • Dr. Jacqueline Wiesner
  • Cornelia Kern

Cornelia Kern
Scientific Officer
Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research
c/o Kooperation Phytopharmaka GbR
Plittersdorfer Str. 218
53173 Bonn
T: +49 (0) 228 365 640
F: +49 (0) 228 351 390
E-Mail: congress@ga-online.org

Dear members of the global GA-network,
dear scientists interested in Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research,

The world is facing a huge challenge – the pandemic has been affecting our daily and professional life. After the GA-meeting could not take place in San Francisco in 2020, we were optimistically planning the GA-conference 2021 in Bonn. Because of the development of the pandemic, however, we decided to go for a virtual meeting. This will be a new and exciting experience. At the same moment we have the chance to communicate, to exchange science, to connect and interact from all over the world and to plan for the future.

The scientific program of the GA conference will include plenary lectures, keynote lectures, short lectures and workshops. Moreover, we offer a competition for a number of recorded contributions, which will be made available on the conference platform. Virtual poster sessions and invitations for poster flash presentations will enlarge our knowledge. Sponsors are invited to use virtual exhibitions and to interact with participants.

The objective of our society is to have four days of science, discussion and interaction. Please, take this chance to be a part of this virtual GA-meeting in a global environment of participants.

We are looking forward to meeting you online!


Scientific Committee

  • Rudi Bauer
  • Anna Rita Bilia
  • Alessandra Braca
  • Emerson Ferreira Queiroz
  • Nikolas Fokialakis
  • Robert Fürst
  • Stefan Gafner
  • De-an Guo
  • Michael Heinrich
  • Andreas Hensel
  • Attila Hunyadi
  • Oliver Kayser
  • Olaf Kelber
  • Werner Knöss
  • Gabriele König
  • Judith M. Rollinger
  • Bernd Röther
  • Krystyna Skalicka-Woźniak
  • Hermann Stuppner
  • Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich
  • Cica Vissiennon
  • Jacqueline Wiesner

Dear participants of the 69th Annual Meeting 2021 of the GA,

Sept 1st 2021. Today we are glad to provide you a second information letter (The first information letter is still listed at the end of the message). Please, have a careful look at the information given, depending on your status and contribution to the conference. Throughout the conference, keep in mind that date and times given indicate CEST – you have to be aware of the difference to your local time.

Best regards

Werner Knöss

GA 2021


Updated and latest information, September 1st 2021, Information letter 2

All Participants

Starting with today, September 1st, the Virtual Venue conference platform is opened. You will have access by using your username and your password at this link.

Please, get acquainted with the Virtual Venue conference platform and its options. You may have a look at first posters, which have already been uploaded, and information provided by sponsors. You might even communicate with other participants, if they are already present. Feel free, to explore the virtual environment of GA 2021. Further content will be uploaded until the start of the conference. We intend to activate the links to the current download versions of program and electronic book of abstracts today.

Poster contributions

From now on you may upload your posters. Please, log in by using your username and your password using this link. You will find under your contribution an option to upload your poster contribution (instructions about the format were provided before, see below).

After successful uploading your poster it will be visible on the Virtual Venue conference platform after a technical synchronisation (initiated by the organizers).

We offer the opportunity to provide a three minute audio-track in mp3-format, explaining your poster. If you want to use this option, please send a request “audiotrack” to congress@ga-online.org, indicating your name and the number of your poster – then you will receive an individual link to upload your audiotrack. Recommendations about the format are given here.

Video contributions

Video contributions are a new format. For those contributions, which were accepted as video contributions, please contact us under congress@ga-online.org  to clarify details of file transfer.

Oral contributions (including session chairs, key note lectures, short lectures, lectures at workshops and network session)

Basic information has been provided (see below).

We offer all of you (oral contributors) the option to test your local computer equipment on Friday, September 3rd, between 08:00 and 18:00 CEST. We sent you a link to the test-session. In case you haven’t received it, please check your spam-file or contact congress@ga-online.org.

You will receive (on September 2nd or September 3rd) an individual link to get access to the zoom-environment for your activity for the particular days of your contribution(s) between 5th and 8th September.

Key note lecturers will be requested to provide a short bio, which will be provided to session chairs for the short (1 minute!) introduction.


Information as of August 27th 2021, Information letter 1

Dear participants of the 69th Annual Meeting 2021 of the GA,

Welcome, we are looking forward to meeting you all.

We would like to provide you with compact information on our forthcoming conference. The following questions are adressed:

  • Availability of access to the Virtual Venue conference platform
  • Start of uploading of posters, display of posters
  • Instruction on preparation of lectures, posters and video contributions
  • Information to speakers and session chairs

Availability of access to the Virtual Venue conference platform

It is intended to open the Virtual Venue conference platform on September 1st. You will have the chance to explore the options provided. You will need your username and password, which gave you access to the registration and booking platform.

Start of uploading of posters, display of posters

Upload of your poster presentation as pdf by participants will be possible from September 1st. You have to upload the poster via the registration platform. There will be an “actions” button available at your contribution. Details of requirements to the posters were already communicated via the conference website.

There will be an option to provide an audio track (MP3-format), which will be accessible below you poster. You have the chance to explain the key elements of your contribution in three minutes. If you want to provide an audio track, a specific link will be provided.

We kindly ask you to upload the posters before September 5th, then, the poster are available to all participants throughout the conference.

Instruction on preparation of lectures, posters and video contributions

Please, take into account the following advice, when preparing your conference contribution: 

Posters should be created in format „landscape“, one page, size DIN A 0. The poster may be created using e.g. powerpoint, for upload to the conference platform the format will be pdf, maximum size 20 MB. The poster may contain text, pictures (jpeg, gif, png), tables, lists (no interactive content, no formulars, no videos, no navigation, no blend mode, no patterns or gradients, no ICC-colour profile, scripts are included and not protected, no password or encription, document will be saved as PDF/A).

You are kindly requested to follow sound scientific standards, adequate composition and readability – and of course, fulfill the scientific interest based on the abstract. Posters are available throughout the conference.

The selected video contributions will be provided in a kind of mediathek. The video contributions should be provided in MP4-format with a resolution from 720p (1280 x 720 Pixel) up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 Pixel). A constant rate of 60 frames per second is recommended. Video contributions should have a maximum length of about 10-12 minutes. Video contributions will be available throughout the conference.

Key note lectures and short lectures will be presented tot he participants as live-stream at the time indicated in the program. You may use a powerpoint presentation or an adequate alternative slideshow. In order to avoid complications or transmission problems you should not include videos, links or use animations.

The lecturers and session chairs will be included in a zoom-meeting, which will be transferred to the Virtual Venue conference platform for all participants. The total time slot for each key note lecture is 30 minutes (including short introduction by session chairs, presentation and few questions). Key note lectures should be not longer than 25 minutes. The total time slot for each short lecture during the main conference is 15 minutes (including short introduction by session chairs, presentation and few questions). Short lectures should be not longer than 10-12 minutes.

Further information about the access to the zoom-meeting will be provided to your individual mail-adress. The presenters will have the chance to share their screen an present their contribution themselves. In case that you are concerned about problems with your own connection we recommend to prepare your contribution as pdf-version. You are as well welcome to provide us a file of your presentation in order to have a back-up solution.

The Young Researcher Workshop and the Veterinary Workshop will be offered in a zoom-environment to all participants, who booked for these pre-symposia. According to booking the live-stream may be used as alternative option.

On Friday September 3rd, we will offer a test environment from 8:00 until 18:00 CEST (please compare and consider your local time!!!), if you want to check if your computer device complies with the zoom environment.

Information to speakers and session chairs

Please, have a look to the chapter above with respect to the zoom-meetings, which will offer direct interaction between the persons, who are included in the zoom-meetings. These are session chairs, usually two for a session and lecturers. Participants following the live-stream at the Virtual Venue conference platform will have the chance to suggest questions by writing. The local organizer team will support session chairs to get information about questions in the chat.

It is very important, that we all together will contribute to keep the timeframe defined in the program. If open questions are left, the conference platform will offer the option for chats and contacts.

This information letter will be updated before the conference, if further news are available.

Your local organizing GA2021-team

Main Scientific Topics

  • One Health, access and benefit sharing
  • Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Phytotherapy: Science and Practice: Download Program
  • Antiinfectives and epidemiology
  • Analytics, recent methodology and applications
  • Translational natural product pharmacology
  • Endophytes and microbes
  • Regulation of herbal and traditional medicines
  • Medicinal plants and natural product research on Traditional Medicines
  • Recent Advances in medicinal plant and natural product research

Young Researchers’ Workshop

In short

  • held as pre-symposium of the annual GA conference on
  • Sunday, September 5, 2021 from 11:00 to 16:30
  • Abstract submission deadline: June 15, 2021
  • Registration fee: 20 EUR

What is the aim of the workshop?

The Young Researchers’ Workshop (YRW) offers the unique opportunity to present own data as a short talk (10 min plus 5 min discussion) in a free and relaxed atmosphere. Special emphasis is laid on an intense discussion between all participants.

When does the YRW take place?

The workshop is held on Sunday, September 5, 2021 as a pre-symposium of the Annual GA Conference 2021. It will start at 10 am and end at approximately 3 pm.

Who can submit an abstract?

PhD students and early stage post-docs (only within their first year) are invited to submit an abstract for a short talk. Only high-quality abstracts can be considered. The YRW jury consisting of the Professors Alessandra Braca, Robert Fürst, Jürg Gertsch and Anastasia Karioti will review the abstracts and take the decision on whether a short talk will be granted or not. If the abstract is not accepted for the YRW, it will automatically be evaluated as regular submission for the main conference.

What happens during the YRW?

After a welcome note, the YRW will start with an impulse lecture by a young but established scientist who will give insights into his/her area of research. He or she will also highlight who to step into and advance a scientific career. The main part of the YRW will be dedicated to short lectures. The YRW jury will select the two best presentations and will bestow the prizes to the two awardees in the YRW closing session.

What do the prizes include?

The two best presentations will be awarded with two categories of prizes: The Innovation Award (1,000 EUR sponsored by Professor Jürg Gertsch) and the Bionorica YRW Award (600 EUR sponsored by the company Bionorica SE).

A registration for the YRW ist possible only in connection with a regular congress-registration.

Veterinary Workshop

The Pre-Congress-Symposium on Animal Healthcare and Veterinary Phytotherapy will take place on the 5th of September.

You can register for the Veterinary Workshop without registering for the rest of the congress.

African Research Workshop

The African Research Network will have its next event on Tuesday 09 September 2021 (12 – 13:30 CEST) during the virtual 69th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA).

Dr. Kumbukani Nyirenda, University of Malawi, will open the session by sharing his experiences during an impulse lecture on Nutraceutical Potential of Fadogia ancylantha, Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights.

A following panel discussion about Key Challenges for Natural Products Research – Perspectives from African Scientists shall provide an opportunity to highlight the problems faced by African researchers of today but also try to bring forth solutions and a way forward.

Participation is included in the congress registration fee.



before 31.05.2021
Regular, before 31.07.2021After 31.07.2021
Non GA-member170180200
Student GA-member406080
Student non GA-member7090110
Young Researchers’ Workshop202020
Veterinary Workshop606060

Registrations are processed on our conference platform Converia. Please click here to register.

Advantages for sponsoring the congress

As a sponsor or exhibitor at the GA2021 you can testify your enthusiasm to the field of natural products research. Your products and services can be presented to a motivated and well informed specialist public, including opinion leaders decision-makers and of the research centres of natural product research and medicinal plant industry from all over the world. In short, they are your present and new customers. The average participant number on GA congresses is about 700-800 persons. This congress offers an excellent place to promote your products and services to interested specialists.

If you are interested in exhibiting at GA2021, we offer sponsoring and exhibition packages as well as custom-made solutions to help you to find the connection to your partners. Please contact congress@ga-online.org.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.