GA-elections: Board of Directors 2024

After a very inspiring online event celebrating the 70 years anniversary of GA, the members meeting on September 15 was attended by more than 150 members. The main topic was the election of the Board of Directors (BoD). The online voting was led by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Bauer and Prof. Dr. Anna Rita Bilia, who thanked all candidates standing for election. The online voting has the clear advantage that it gives all of us worldwide, irrespective of our region of origin, the opportunity to vote. A further advantage is that the election results are shown live during meeting. Here, also for all members who missed the meeting, the final results.

The new members of the BoD of GA are: 

PresidentProf. Dr. Michael Heinrich
Vice presidentsAss. Prof. Dr. Nikolas Fokialakis
Prof. Dr. Judith Rollinger
TreasurerDr. Bernd Röther
SecretaryDr. Olaf Kelber
Advisory board, young membersDr. Antigoni Cheilari
Dr. Cica Vissiennon
Advisory board, regular membersProf. Dr. Alessandra Braca
Dr. Emerson Ferreira Queiroz
Prof. Dr. Robert Fürst
Dr. Stefan Gafner
Ass. Prof. Dr. Maria Halabalaki
Prof. Dr. Luiz Carlos Klein Júnior*
Dr. Gaia Scalabrino*
Prof. Dr. Krystyna Skalicka-Woźniak

*Co-opted members

The period of office of the newly elected BoD will start with the new year 2024.