Medicinal plants and industry: An African bench to shelf perspective

GA/APSS/ISE e-Seminar, Online / 17th November 2023 2:00 PM (CET)

In a collaborative venture with the newly-formed African Phytomedicine Scientific Society (APSS), the GA, the Society for Medicinal Plants and Natural Product research aims to enhance the distribution of knowledge and the advancement of phytomedicine both locally and abroad. Although focussed on academia, the African Phytomedicine Scientific Society encourages the participation of all role-players in the natural products chain. From the initial ethnobotanical selection of medicinal plants by Traditional Health Practitioners to the final stage of pharmaceutical development by industry representatives, APSS encompasses a multi-disciplinary effort to provide, to connect and to promote phytomedicinal research and development in Africa. In this e-seminar, an African perspective of the role of medicinal plant industry representatives in the commercialisation of natural products and the completion of years of research, is explored. Three speakers from South Africa have been selected to deliver a developing world approach to the promotion of medicinal plant science and the challenges and opportunities facing those who are interested in exploring the realm of natural product commercialisation. We believe that this e-seminar will be a fruitful experience to all involved and will hopefully plant the seed for networking opportunities and future collaborative endeavours.
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