New GA board

The 69th GA congress was a great success, being the first online congress in the history of GA, and likewise the GA members meeting, with the election of the new board of directors. Thanks to the online voting platform used, the results of the election were available for the attendants in record time.

Given the strong and diverse field of candidates for the advisory board, the results of the election were completely open. It´s now high time to congratulate once more the new board, which will serve GA starting with the beginning of the new year:

  • Judith Rollinger – president
  • Michael Heinrich – vice president
  • Nikolas Fokialakis – vice president
  • Bernd Röther – treasurer
  • Olaf Kelber – secretary
  • Cica Vissiennon – advisory board – young members
  • Luiz Carlos Klein Junior – advisory board – young members
  • Robert Fürst – advisory board
  • Krystyna Skalicka-Wozniak – advisory board
  • Emerson Ferreira Queiroz – advisory board
  • Oliver Kayser – advisory board
  • Maria Halabalaki – advisory board
  • Stefan Gafner – advisory board
  • Ronald Quinn – advisory board – co-opted
  • Alessandra Braca – advisory board – co-opted

Many thanks to all, who have been engaging for GA as candidates for the election. And already now many thanks to the board members stepping out, i.e. Anna Rita Bilia, past president, to Andreas Hensel, with about 20 years in the board its most longstanding member, and to Attila Hunyadi, for their tremendous services for GA.

Please join us with a warm welcome to Nikolas Fokialakis (Athens, Greece) as future vice president, and Luiz Carlos Klein Junior (Itajaí, Brazil) and Ronald Quinn (Brisbane, Australia) as advisory board members. With all major regions of our globe being represented, our board will be mirroring the worldwide outreach of GA, so to be prepared for the challenges of a globalized future in science.