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Natural Products Chemistry Research Unit / Faculty of Science /University of Dschang


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P O Box 67 Dschang
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Prof. Dr. Maurice Ducret Awouafack, PhD
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NP Drug discovery, NP chemistry
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- GC-MS- FT-IR- Rotative evaporator
Main output/products/publications
(1) Awouafack MD, Kouam SF, Hussain H, Ngamga D, Tane P, Schulz B, Green IR, Krohn K. 2008. Antimicrobial prenylated dihydrochalcones from Eriosema glomerata. Planta Med. 74, 50-54.(2) Awouafack MD, Spiteller P, Lamshöft M, Kusari S, Ivanova B, Tane P, Spiteller M. 2011. Antimicrobial isopropenyl-dihydrofuranoisoflavones from Crotalaria lachnophora. J. Nat. Prod. 74, 272-278.(3) Awouafack MD, Tane P, Eloff JN. 2013. Two new antioxidant flavones from the twigs of Eriosema robustum (Fabaceae). Phytochem. Lett. 6, 62-66.(4) Awouafack MD, McGaw LJ, Gottfried S, Mbouangouere R, Tane P, Spiteller M, Eloff JN. 2013. Antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity of ethanol extract, fractions and eight compounds isolated from Eriosema robustum (Fabaceaea). BMC Complement. Altern. Med. 13, 289.(5) Awouafack MD, Aimaiti S, Tane P, Morita H. 2016. Clerodendrumol, a new triterpenoid from Clerodendrum yaundense Gürke (Lamiaceae). Helv. Chim. Acta 99, 161-164.(6) Awouafack MD, Ito T, Tane P, Kodama T, Tanaka M, Asakawa Y, Morita H. 2016. A new cycloartane-type triterpene and a new eicosanoic acid ester from fruits of Paullinia pinnata L. Phytochem Lett. 15, 220-224. (7) Awouafack MD, Wong CP, Tane P, Morita H. 2018. A new coumaronochromone and a new alkanoyl-dihydrofuranoflavone glycoside from Eriosema robustum (Fabaceae). Pytochem Lett 27, 20-24.(8) Ki D-W, Awouafack MD, Wong CP, Nguyen HM, Thai QM, Nu LHT, Morita H. 2018. Brominated diphenyl ethers including a new tribromoiododiphenyl ether from the Vietnamese marine sponge Arenosclera sp. and their antibacterial activities. Chem Biodiversity 16, e1800593
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My research interest is focused on the isolation and characterization of bioactive secondary metabolites from natural resources such as medicinal plants, marine sponges, and soil microorganismes. Compounds with potential antimicrobial, antihelminthiques, antiplasmodial, antioxydant and cytotoxic (Cancer cells) activities for drugs discovery.