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The GA advocates the scientific study of medicinal plants and natural products and their scientifically founded evidence based use.
The GA promotes research on high-quality medicinal plant / natural products and contributes to the economic success of this category of products.

For pharmaceutical companies, a GA membership offers a wide range of networking opportunities, contacts with an international web of experts and enables companies to be involved in research and development, globally.

The GA is the leading forum for scientific discussions, presentations and publications on medicinal plants and natural products evolving from academic researchers, regulators, non-governmental organiza-tions and industry on a worldwide level

The GA offers access to the GA@net – a networking platform from and for our members: Companies, regulators and academic groups have acquired expertise in very special fields of medicinal plant and natural product research. GA@net is a platform to share and connect this information. more…

Benefits of membership

  • Continuous information on activities inside and outside the GA
  • Reduced fees at all events organized and co-organized by the GA (annual conference, e-symposia, workshops, etc)
  • Reduced subscription rate for PLANTA MEDICA (print) and a special offer for PLANTA MEDICA-online-only subscription (see flyer)
  • Travel grants for students and young scientists to afford the annual GA congress (applicants have to be at least in their 2nd year of student or regular membership with paid fees!)
  • Free copy of the Abstract book of the annual GA meeting if you could not attend the meeting.
  • Access to members area with information on the GA network database, new job opportunities, funding opportunities, etc.

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