Information on Membership

Bylaws (Membership)

(1) The Society is composed of regular members, supporting members, and honorary members.

(2) Regular members shall consist of all individuals interested in the aims of the Society.

(3) Supporting members shall consist of all legal entities and associations desiring to promote the aims and interests of the Society.

(4) Honorary members shall consist of individuals who have rendered special service either to medicinal plant research or to the Society. Their nomination follows proposal by at least five members and approval by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors of the Society. A document shall be issued, signed by the President, certifying the appointment as an Honorary Member.

Membership Fees
Conditions of Payment

  1. Regular members
    1. Regular members (regular fee)
    2. Regular members (student fee)
    3. Regular members (reduced fee)

  2. Supporting members (legal entities, like companies and associations, supporter´s fee)

  3. Honorary members (no fee)

Reduced membership fee (20 €) for regular members from the following countries:
Africa (exception: South Africa)
America (exception: Canada, USA)
Asia (exception: Israel, Japan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arabian Emirates)
Europe (exception: EU Countries, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland)

10% discount for 5 year membership fee paid in advance.

Notice: With the annual invoice for membership fees you get the option to subscribe for PLANTA MEDICA online at reduced rates (see flyer). The subscription has to be paid together with the membership fees before the year of subscription (till Nov. 15)!

Payment Options

SEPA Direct Debit (for members in the SEPA area)

To save costs for the Society, the preferable way of payment should be by “direct debiting“.
SEPA Direct Debit Form

If we are not in possession of your authorisation to collect your annual membership fee by „direct debiting“, kindly fill out this form and send it back to us duly signed.

Option 2: Bank Transfers

HypoVereinsbank Neumarkt
account no.: 1 180 226 679
bank code: 760 200 70
IBAN: DE07 7602 0070 1180 2266 79

Option 3: Payment by PayPal

Regular membership fee for 1 year

Supporting membership fee for 1 year

Regular membership fee for 5 years with 10% discount

Reduced membership fee for 5 years with 10% discount

Supporting membership fee for 5 years with 10% discount

Planta Medica online subscription from 1953

Planta Medica online subscription from 1998

Planta Medica Online

PLANTA MEDICA online-only subscription
at reduced rates for GA members

 From 2008 on the Society for Medicinal Plant Research offers for all individual members an electronic subscription of Planta Medica at reduced rates – including full text access to all articles – with 2 options for access to back issues:

  • subscription with back issue access to 1998: 60 € p.a.
  • subscription with back issue acces to 1953: 100 € p.a.

The subscription is valid for one calendar year. In October of every year the annual invoice for membership fees will be sent out together with the option for the Planta Medica online-only subscription for the following year. Both have to be paid before November 15, otherwise the option for the online subscription for the coming year will expire (New members applying during the year can only subscribe for the following year).

Before January Thieme Verlag will provide all subscribers with the necessary access data for the coming year.

This offer is limited to individual members of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research. Use of the articles for individual purposes only (including individual research). No transferring or forwarding of articles to other persons or institutions (universities, libraries, companies) allowed.