African Research Network

The African continent features areas with extremely high biodiversity and high levels of endemism, indicating that many of the continent’s plant resources are uniquely African

Animal Health Network

The Animal Health Network are a worldwide group of scientists interested in the use of medicinal plants and natural products in animal healthcare and veterinary medicine.

Planta Medica

Planta Medica is one of the leading international journals in the field of natural products publishing high quality papers on topics in the field also including marine organisms, fungi as well as microorganisms – and medicinal plants. Planta Medica accepts original research papers and reviews from researchers worldwide. The journal publishes 15 issues per year.


GA participates in REMAP an ERASMUS+ project that aims to educate adults to become entrepreneurs through producing and valorising medicinal and aromatic plants.

Young Researchers Network

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Best Practice in Research – ConPhyMP

Medicinal plant extracts [phyto-pharmaceuticals] are different from their pharmaceutical counterparts in that they are complex mixtures, where the identities and quantities of the active ingredients/marker compounds cannot be fully known.