How Horizon Europe will shape research

Horizon Europe, the world’s largest multinational research and innovation programme, has issued its first call for grant applications. Over the next 7 years, the European Union’s giant research-spending scheme will distribute a record €95.5 billion (US$116 billion) — including €5.4 billion from a COVID-19 recovery fund — to basic-science projects and cross-border research collaborations that tens of thousands of researchers across 27 member states and more than a dozen other countries will carry out. It also heightens the focus on open science, equality, interdisciplinary research and practical applications.

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Marie Curie Fellowships

The purpose of the Pegasus Marie Curie Fellowship is to attract excellent postdoctoral researchers to Flanders in order to contribute to the advancement of Flemish research. The fellowship provides the selected fellows with optimal conditions to further develop their research career in Flanders or abroad.


  • Pegasus Long: Postdoctoral fellowships of 3 years at a Flemish university, once renewable
  • Pegasus Short: Postdoctoral fellowships of 1 year at a Flemish university
  • Salary scale: minimum €29,069.73 – maximum €45,317.25

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“IFS has awarded over 7,000 small grants, in over 100 countries, building capability of tens of thousands of young developing world researchers. An individual IFS Research Grant amounts to USD 12,000. One person can receive no more than two individual grants. The IFS grant is intended for the purchase of the basic tools needed to conduct a research project: equipment, expendable supplies, and literature. A new collaborative research approach for teams of 3-5 grantees is being piloted amongst scientists in East, West and Southern Africa working on under-utilized crops. Once the collaborative research pilot is concluded, the aim is to open up this approach for general applications.”

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OECD Fellowships
Research Fellowships

“Applications are invited from research scientists working in agriculture, forestry or fisheries and who would like to conduct research projects abroad, in another member country of the Co-operative Research Programme.The aim of the Research Fellowships is to strengthen the international exchange of ideas and increase international mobility and co-operation among scientists working in these areas. Applications should fit into one of the three following research themes:

  • The Natural Resources Challenge
  • Sustainability in Practice
  • The Food Chain”

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