Code of Conduct

Ethical Code of Conduct

Ethical responsibilities and practices are, of course, core aspects of science. As a scientific society, the GA follows and endorses the highest standards in developing, conduction and reporting research. This includes studies involving humans and animals as well as our responsibilities in the context of the access as well as sustainable and equitable use of biodiversity. Research integrity is paramount at all stages of research. We recognise that a robust research environment drives discovery and innovation. This prepares future scientists in the field of medicinal plant and natural product research. With our activities, we want to inspire researchers and future generations of researchers, as well as enable further research progress and a critical debate about all aspects relevant to the field. Research integrity is a fundamental basis of all research.

This code of conduct focuses on the Society’s activities especially during in-person and virtual meetings. As an international and multidisciplinary society, we are very conscious of the diversity among us. With this code of ethics, we remind everyone that we fully respect and actively support the diversity we represent including gender, age, national origin, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, civil union or marital status, citizenship status, disability, pregnancy, ancestry medical condition or any other personal characteristic.

Our online and in-person meetings are a platform for presenting scientific and policy-related studies and for exchanging views. Of course, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and association are core foundations of all academic activities. Critical assessments and research on wider scientific, societal and cultural questions are welcome. However, the respect of an individual’s rights, privacy and personal views is paramount.

Therefore, we remind us as participants that meetings are a platform to enable oral and poster presentations and discussions. These need to be conducted in such a way that the speakers/presenters can fully express their thoughts. Obviously, the presenters similarly need to respect the participants’ diversity, views, and needs. We as a society remind all presenters and participants, but most notably invited speakers that research integrity is a fundamental aspects of science. Therefore,  speakers and most notably invited speakers must not to have been involved previously  in any form of activity which contradicts these fundamental principles as outlined in the code of conduct. We reserve the right to reconsider the participation of someone, if major concerns have been raised prior to the event about the person’s integrity or about unethical behaviour.

Recording or transmitting audio, video, or images of oral or poster presentations without authors’ and organisers’ approval is not permissible if it is intended for commercial dissemination or use.

If a member of the Society or a participant in a meeting has concerns about any of the above, first the chair of the session or the meeting president should be contacted, who then will take the necessary action, if required. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the GA’s Board to respond, if needed.