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Post-doctorate at université catholique de Louvain (laboratory of pharmacognosy, Louvain Drug Research Institute, Prof. Joëlle Quetin-Leclercq for 1-3 years)

The laboratory is dedicated to the identification of biologically active natural compounds from plants used in traditional medicine and quality control. The researches focus on antimicrobial, antiparasitc and anti-inflammatory compounds.

The aim of the project is to use molecular networks based on HR-MS data (Thermo–LTQ-orbitrap) or MS-MS data (Waters TQS) to identify compounds in crude bioactive fractions/extracts, to isolate promising bioactive metabolites and analyze their targets.


  • Possess a PhD in relation to plant analysis and have experience in molecular networks and LC-MS analysis
  • Have excellent organization and analytical skills, autonomy and rigor
  • Able to work with different people from different backgrounds and easily integrate in a multidisciplinary team

The position is open from mid-August 2021 and the candidate can begin as soon as possible

Please send your CV, a motivation letter and a support letter to

Joëlle Leclercq : 

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