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Research Fellowship in Biochemistry for Cosmetic Applications

  • Organisation: Le Studium
  • Location: France (Chartres)
  • Research Profile:Established Researcher (R3); Leading Researcher (R4)
  • Research Field: ChemistryBiochemistry; ChemistryOrganic chemistry
  • Application Deadline: 09/06/2021 23:00 – Europe/Athens

In the framework of the COSMETOSCIENCES Programme financed by the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council (France), LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies is recruiting an international experienced scientist.  The successful candidate will be invited for a one-year fellowship to work with the LBLGC research team (Laboratoire de Biologie des Ligneux et des Grandes Cultures, Université d’Orléans) for the PIERIC project. As a LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies Research Fellow, s/he will be part of an outward-looking and stimulating pluri-disciplinary scientific and international community and will benefit from the dynamic scientific environment of the Centre-Val de Loire region. 


One of the goals of the PIERIC (CosmetoSciences) project is to create green NaDES-based extraction methodologies for various plant natural product categories from diverse plants for cosmetic applications. The chemical characterization as well as biological evaluation of these extracts will be also considered.

This part of the project will be carried out in close collaboration with teams from other regional laboratories ICOA (Organic and Analytical Chemistry – University of Orleans/CNRS), NMNS (Nanomedicines and Nanoprobe – University of Tours) and SIMBA (Synthesis and Isolation of Bio-Active Molecules – University of Tours) laboratories and our industrial partners.

 The successful candidate will have the following missions:

  • to strengthen the theoretical and modeling knowledge of the research team
  • to develop green extraction methodologies using new NaDES applied to diverse plant natural product families
  • to use the simulation outcomes to help design and validate new NaDES (using software such as Cosmo-RS)
  • to characterize the obtained plant extracts for their phytochemical composition (HPLC, LC-MS) and biological activities (in vitro, in silico and in cellulo)
  • to carry out internationally outstanding research for the above-mentioned project
  • to disseminate this research through articles in journals of international standing, monographs and other appropriate forms of dissemination, including national and international conference presentations
  • to support, comply with, and fully contribute to research plans and policies of the teams and industrial partners involved in the project.

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Academic recruitment field: 05/G1 – PHARMACOLOGY, CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY AND PHARMACOGNOSY Academic discipline: BIO/14 – PHARMACOLOGY


Full Time – non-renewable three-year term

  • Organisation: Universita di Siena
  • Location: Siena
  • Researcher Profile: First Stage Researcher (R1), Recognised Researcher (R2), Established Researcher (R3), Leading Researcher (R4)
  • Research Field: Pharmacological Sciences
  • Application Deadline: 30/05/2021 23:59 – Europe/Brussels

Hours of classroom teaching each academic year: at least 60 hours
Maximum of scientific publications: 20

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Six innovative Researcer Positions in Metabolomics at Turku, Finland

  • 1-2 Senior Researchers/ Post-doctoral Researchers
  • 1-2 Post-doctoral Researchers/PhD Students
  • 1-2 Laboratory Engineers /Technicians
  • Organisation: University of Turku
  • Location: Turku (Finland)
  • Research Field:ChemistryAnalytical chemistry, ChemistryBiochemistry, ChemistryOrganic chemistry
  • Researcher Profile: Recognised Researcher (R2)
  • Application Deadline: 31/05/2021 00:00 – Europe/Brussels 

University of Turku is reinforcing its analytical capabilities within metabolomics by recruiting personnel for methodological development of metabolomics technology and its application on research projects across various areas of bio-and medical sciences. The open positions are a joint effort between Faculty of Technology, Turku Bioscience Center and the Faculty of Science. More specifically, the positions will be funded by the University strategic funding and several externally funded projects from sources including Jane and Aatos Erkko Säätiö, Academy of Finland, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, and European Commission. Key focus will be on daily operations of the metabolomics/lipidomics activities, their development, as well as application of the developed methods on research projects focusing on e.g. food and nutrition as well as specific medical areas as part of PhD / post-doctoral projects. The positions will be located in our research teams led by the scientists Kati Hanhineva, Matej Orešič and Alex Dickens.

In lipidomics, specific emphasis will be on further development, implementation, and application of LC-MS-based profiling strategies that include both nontargeted profiling and accurate analysis of lipid structures such as identification and quantification of isomers and double bond position within the acyl chains of lipids. There will also be a focus on the development of novel steroid and oxy-sterols measurements based on a brand new QqQ instrument which will be at the forefront of sensitivity.

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Professorship in Pharmaceutical Biology (open rank)

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Basel invites applications for a Professorship in Pharmaceutical Biology starting January 2022.

We are looking for candidates with an outstanding track record in the field of Pharmaceutical Biology and interested in further developing the strategic axis “Drug Sciences” for which the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is already internationally renowned ( The new Professor is expected to develop internationally competitive research in a promising area of Pharmaceutical Biology and a modern teaching program for the Bachelor and Master degrees of the Department. Sufficient German for the teaching of Bachelor students is expected within three years.

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