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Assistant Professor of “Sustainable plant metabolite-animal interactions”

in accordance with the appointment procedure for Assistant Professors established by § 99 (5) of the 2002 Universities Act.

  • Grade: A2
  • Level of employment: 40 hours weekly
  • Length of employment: 4 years tenure-track
  • position (i.e. permanent after positive evaluation)
  • Deadline for applications: 17.4.2024
  • Reference number: 2024/0041


Rapid technological and societal change as well as new requirements in terms of One Health make a transformation in veterinary medicine necessary. Therefore, a Centre for Veterinary Systems Transformation and Sustainability was established within the Clinical Department for Farm Animals and Food System Science, where the assistant professorship will be located.
Plant resources are becoming increasingly important in the context of food security and animal health. Weather extremes caused by climate change and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are significantly increasing stress on plants used for feed and food. Consequently, there are changes in the concentrations of primary and secondary constituents in crops and pastures, associated with altered feed value, as well as changes in the spread of molds, endophytes, and the toxic plants. All of these pose immediate risks to animal care, health, and the production of safe food.
We are looking for an Assistant Professor to represent the area of sustainable plant metabolite-animal interactions at Vetmeduni. The research group works in the areas of teaching and research and deals with a wide range of topics. Excellent, modern research and teaching facilities are available for this purpose.

Main Tasks

The advertised position is intended to further develop the focus on the direct effects of changes in plant constituents on the health and performance of livestock. The primary objective is to advance the field by establishing a competitive research program. Research will specifically address the effects of altered botanical and chemical composition of pasture growth or crops on performance and animal health, as well as plant-associated risks to animal health. The assistant professorship will investigate these effects at different levels to better understand the transformation processes and kinetics of plant constituents in animals, to better assess their potential risks, and to develop appropriate counteractive measures. The research will include the investigations of effects of secondary plant constituents on the digestive tract, interactions with saliva, rumen and gut microbiome, up to the first and second pathway and carry over effects into the animal product. Simultaneously, plants with useful secondary plant constituents are to be researched with regard to their positive effects on animal health (phytogenic substances). By applying innovative techniques and externally funded research, plant-animal interactions will be investigated in more detail, and based on this, risk assessment systems will be supported as well as innovative prevention strategies will be developed. The successful candidate will collaborate closely with research groups in areas such as the use of digital data and the utilization of state-of-the-art technologies to efficiently leverage interdisciplinary synergies. In addition, the successful candidate will be expected to network with research groups on the Vetmeduni campus related to the field, as well as with national and international institutions.
Other tasks include teaching in the Vetmeduni curricula, supervising doctoral and PhD students, and performing administrative tasks including work in Vetmeduni committees. In teaching, teaching concepts for sustainable plant-animal interactions are to be further developed.
Additionally, the successful candidate is responsible for organising and advancing science-to-public activities, such as the “Das Tier und Wir” programme by the Science Academy Niederösterreich.
Independent implementation of scientific projects focusing on sustainable plant metabolite-animal interactions

  • Authoring of publications and independent acquisition and coordination of third-party funding
  • Participation in various areas of research, teaching and administration within the framework of the university organisation
  • Independent teaching activities
  • Supervision and training of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Establishment and management of a research group in the field of sustainable plant metabolite-animal interactions
  • Willingness to participate in knowledge transfer in the spirit of the social responsibility of the Vetmeduni
  • Actively pursuing the strategic objectives of the department and the Vetmeduni
  • Interactions in the context of Vetmeduni’s “Third Mission” and networking with stakeholders
  • Required education, qualifications and experience
  • Completed studies in natural sciences and doctorate, PhD or equivalent in a relevant field
  • Experience in the context of the effects of plant constituents on animals using ex-vivo, in-vitro and in vivo-models
  • Experience with novel chemical analysis methods (metabolome)
  • Experience in characterizing plant ingredients and their effects on various levels in animals
  • Experience with processing of plant components to mitigate negative effects in animals
  • At least 2 years of PostDoc-experience in a relevant area
  • Publication track record in line with the career level
  • Experience in development and submission of applications for third-party funding
  • Experience with national or international research collaborations
  • Teaching experience
  • Experience with the supervision of postgraduates
  • Proof of successful acquisition of third-party funding (in line with the career level)
  • Applicants must have gained experience outside the Vetmeduni for a total of twelve months during or after their doctoral studies
  • Good German (B2)
  • Good English (B2)
  • Additional desired qualifications and skills
  • Experience in leading a research group
  • Ability to work independently
  • An enthusiastic and committed team player
  • Open to inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary joint working
  • Excellent communication skills

What we offer

  • Top university: Vetmeduni is one of the leading academic education and research institutions in veterinary medicine in Europe
  • Stable employer
  • Attractive campus
  • Personal and professional training and development opportunities
  • Health care
  • Diversity and family-friendly university culture
  • Children’s day-care and holiday care options
  • Numerous attractive fringe benefits
  • Employee events

The Position

The position of Assistant Professor with a qualification (i.e. tenure-track) agreement (according to § 27 of the collective contract (Kollektivvertrag) for university employees) is initially limited to a duration of 4 years. After fulfilment of the agreed qualification goals, the contract will be of an unlimited duration as Associate Professor.
Minimum salary
The minimum salary for university staff is regulated by the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff and at the A2 level amounts to EUR 5,595.60 gross. The salary increases to EUR 6,055.70 gross when the provisions of the qualification agreement are met.


Please submit your application in English, noting the reference number 2024/0041, by e-mail to to the Personnel Department of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. Please do not forget to include the reference number or we will be unable to relate your application to the correct vacancy announcement.
Application documents must include:
1. Letter of application with a brief description of

  • Current research interests and research plan for the next three years, and anticipated advancement for the field
  • Concept for academic teaching and supervision of young researchers
  • Contribution to the scientific profile of the Department and the Vetmeduni

2. Curriculum vitae including

  • Information on selected research esteem factors (e.g. publication quality, impact, collaborations, invited talks) and recognition of excellence
  • List of external funds acquired (topic, funder, budget, duration) and submitted or unsuccessful grant applications
  • Overview of academic teaching and supervised theses, especially PhD theses
  • Experience in the organization and management of team, staff and students
  • Evidence of knowledge transfer and provision of expertise beyond the scientific community and other significant impact

3. Further documents to prove the required education, qualifications and experience described as necessary in the vacancy announcement

4. Names and contact information of three references
Presentations and interviews with the candidates are scheduled for June 2024 (likely in calendar week 24).

The Vetmeduni aims to increase the proportion of women among scientific and general university staff, especially in management positions, and therefore explicitly invites qualified women to apply. In the case of underrepresentation of women, female applicants who are equally suitable as the best-suited male competitor will be given priority, unless reasons relating to the person of a competitor prevail.

There is no fee required for submitting an application. Applicants have no entitlement to reimbursement of any travel or accommodation expenses they may incur as a result of the application procedure.

As a proud holder of the “hochschuleundfamilie” (“University and Family”) certificate, Vetmeduni welcomes applications from candidates with family responsibilities. We also encourage people with disabilities to apply.
Translations into other languages are solely for information purposes. The version advertised in the University Bulletin (Mitteilungsblatt) is the only one that is legally binding.

Contact for further information
Univ. Andrea Ladinig
+43 1 25077 – 5216

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