Bionorica Phytoneering Award to Dr. Nadja B. Cech

The prestigious Bionorica Phytoneering Award 2021 is bestowed to Prof. Dr. Nadja B. Cech in recognition of her excellent research focussing on metabolomic analysis of medicinal plants and their active constituents. The Bionorica Phytoneering Award acknowledges outstanding research in the field of development and application of phytopharmaceutical products. It is a pleasure to award Prof. Dr. Nadja B. Cech, a young, outstanding researcher from the US working in the field of botanical natural products.

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Egon Stahl Award in Silver to Dr. Luiz Carlos Klein Júnior

The prestigious Egon Stahl-Award 2021 in Silver is bestowed to Dr. Luiz Carlos Klein Júnior from Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, Brazil, in recognition of his valuable contributions to pharmaceutical biology and analytical phytochemistry, in particular his research related to chemometrics and chromatography.

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Dr. Willmar Schwabe Research Scholarship 2021 to Isa Anina Lambrechts

The Dr. Willmar Schwabe Research Scholarship 2021 is bestowed to Isa Anina Lambrechts from the University of Pretoria to perform studies on Plectranthus genus fermented extracts. The aim of the Dr. Willmar Schwabe Research Scholarship is to support young scientists, especially from developing countries, in a research attachment to a leading research institution.

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