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Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida,431
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Clara Grosso
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Junior Researcher / Postdoc

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My field of research focus on natural products from plants and seaweeds, regarding aspects like extraction and identification of secondary metabolites and assessment of in vitro bioactivities with emphasis for oxidative stress and enzymes related with Alzheimer"s disease and depression. My main interest is to discover new neuroprotective drugs, more efficient and with fewer adverse effects, taking into account issues like drugs bioavailability and the ability of drugs to cross the blood-brain barrier
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HPLC-DAD Microplate reader Microwave-assisted extraction Laminar Flow Cabinet
Main output/products/publications
Principal investigator of the project: #MINDtheMOOD: Exploring NMDA receptors for discovering new fast-acting antidepressants for Treatment-resistant depression (2020.03436.CEECIND, financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) (2021-2027) Principal investigator of: SilverBrain - From sea to brain: Green neuroprotective extracts for nanoencapsulation and functional food production (PTDC/OCE-ETA/30240/2017, financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) (2018-2022) Publication: Delerue, Teresa; Fátima Barroso, M.; Dias-Teixeira, Mónica; Figueiredo-González, Maria; Delerue-Matos, Cristina; Grosso, Clara. "Interactions between Ginkgo biloba L. and Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi in multicomponent mixtures towards cholinesterase inhibition and ROS scavenging". Food Research International 140 (2021): 109857. Publication: Mancini, Simona; Nardo, Luca; Gregori, Maria; Ribeiro, Inês; Mantegazza, Francesco; Delerue-Matos, Cristina; Masserini, Massimo; Grosso, Clara. "Functionalized liposomes and phytosomes loading Annona muricata L. aqueous extract: Potential nanoshuttles for brain-delivery of phenolic compounds". Phytomedicine 42 (2018): 233-244. Editor of the book: Grosso, Clara; and more 33 researchers from several countries. Herbal Medicine in Depression: Traditional Medicine to Innovative Drug Delivery. Suiça: Springer International Publishing. 2016. 10.1007/978-3-319-14021-6
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Scientific collaboration - If some groups are interested, I am available to test samples/extracts/isolated compounds in in vitro assays or to perform HPLC-DAD analysis in my laboratory. I am also interested in sending extracts to laboratories with LC-MS facilities and/or with well-established protocols for ligand-receptor binding assays. Shared projects - I am available to join research teams and participate in the preparation of project applications (at national and European level)